Malaysian who gave false statement to police given suspended sentence, deported

A Malaysian man who was charged by Chiang Mai police for making a false police report Aug. 18 has been given a suspended sentence and deported back to Malaysia.

The man, Mr. Pravin Krishnan, 20, told Chiang Mai police that he had been robbed by a white man with a blond beard on Loi Kroh Road Soi 3 in Chang Klan, however, subsequent investigation found that he was lying.

Once confronted, Krishnan subsequently admitted to lying, saying that he had spent all of his money and was hoping his parents would send him more money if they thought he had been robbed.

In addition to the suspended sentence, Krishan was fined 10,000 baht and asked to give a formal apology to the Chiang Mai police he lied to. His father, who was also in attendance at the court hearing, also apologized and promised that he son would not do such a thing again in the future.