Six arrested following murder of dormitory owner in San Sai

Six people have been arrested following the murder of a dormitory owner in San Sai Friday night (Sept. 28).

The attack occurred in Moo 6 San Na Meng subdistrict at a building being used to house construction workers.

According to reports, a dispute broke out among residents over car parking at the site with other people being called in to resolve the matter.

The deceased, Mr. Charun Inta, 60, tried to intervene and break up the fighting to only instead himself be targeted and beaten to within an inch of his life. Mr. Inta later died in hospital.

Of the six men arrested, five hail from Rayong Province and are named as Chakriya Phothischai 28; Mr. Supinayon, 23; Mr. Kunanon Wongrak, 19; Mr. Anawat Rujiwong, 26, Mr. Arak Metta, 38; and finally Mr. Banjong Ko Suto, 18, from San Sai.

In a bizarre twist, some reports suggest that the men were operating as a gang that was extorting people with high-interest loans.

The men face court on manslaughter and other charges relating to the incident.