1.5M yaba tablets found in vehicle being driven by ‘beautiful’ woman in Phrae

In a drug bust of a different kind, a Saraphi woman was been arrested after being caught transporting 1.5 million yaba tablets in Phrae.

The drugs were found in the Chiang Mai-registered Hyundai H-1, not exactly a typical drug transport vehicle in Tambon Denchai yesterday, Dec. 7 at around 9 a.m.

Again throwing the typical profile of a drug smuggler out the door, the driver was identified Ms. Kalyakorn Siripat Somboon, 38 from Don Kaeo, Saraphi who Thai language media described as being “beautiful.”

Ms. Somboon admitted to police that she was transporting the drugs to Saraphi after being hired to do so. She claimed that her husband had died and that she had debts, including a mortgage on a house, that she needed to raise money to pay.

She won’t, however, be requiring the money any more given she’s likely going to be spending at least a few years behind bars.

Image: Khaosod