1.9 earthquake recorded in Phrao in latest seismic activity

After a relatively quiet period in the north after a large series of earthquakes was recorded early last month, a number of number earthquakes have once again been recorded in the north.

The latest earthquake – a 1.9 on the Richter scale was recorded at 4:48 p.m yesterday, April 4 at 19.12 N 99.28 E, Long Khot in Phrao not far from the Chiang Mai/ Chiang Rai border.

While not getting much attention due to the smog, there have also been two other earthquakes in Chiang Mai Province this month.

On April 1, a 2.4 was recorded at 18.99 N 99.00 E – Mae Faek Mai, San Sai followed by 2.2 April 2 at 19.00 N 98.97 E Soi Ban Rai 6, Mae Faek, San Sai.