10 million yaba tablets found in 18-wheel truck traveling through Lampang

Police have discovered 10 million yaba tablets in the rear of an 18-wheel truck being driven through Lampang.

The discovery was made at a checkpoint on Lampang-Ngao Road in Tambon Ko Kha, Amphoe Ko Kha yesterday, Jan. 8 at 12:10 a.m.

The driver of the truck, Mr. Arthit Laerat, 32 from Khon Kaen was described by police as showing a “flurry of symptoms” when the truck was stopped.

A subsequent search of the truck found a locked compartment at its rear. Mr Laerat claimed that he didn’t have a key for it but a search found he had the key in his pocket. Behind the door – 10 million yaba tablets.

Mr. Laerat later confessed, saying that he was paid 50,000 baht to drive the drugs to Bangkok.