10 people arrested for gambling in Santitham raid

10 people have been arrested after police raided a property in Santitham, Chang Phuaek where they were illegally gambling.

The 10, nine of which were from various parts of Chiang Mai while one was from Lampang, were found in a Taeparak Road house following a tip-off from a police informer on Sunday (Sept. 9).

Mr. Nitikorn Pittayaporn, 50 from Mahidol Road, Nong Hoi who was arrested at the scene was named by police as the bookmarker and organizer of the event. While gambling itself is an offense, those running organized gambling operations face more severe charges.

Along with the arrests, Chang Phueak police also seized 640 baht in cash, three dice and a Hi-Lo board.

Hi-Lo, also known as Sic-Bo in Chinese, involves players place their bets on certain areas of the table. The dealer then picks up a small chest containing the dice, which he/she closes and shakes, before opening up the chest to reveal the dice combination.