100 kgs of ice seized following shootout with drug runners in Mae Ai

100 kilograms of ice (crystal methamphetamine) was seized following a shootout between Royal Thai Army soldiers and drug runners in Mae Ai Saturday, Feb. 8.

The shootout took place off Chiang Mai – Mae Chan Road (Highway 1089) in Mae Ai Thara, Tambon Mae Ai in Mae Ai District at around 1 a.m.

As is typical in these cases, the soldiers were acting on a tip-off that there were drug runners when they came upon approximately 10 men with backpacks and weapons hiking through the area.

Having confronted the men, a shootout took place for around 3-5 minutes with the drug runners fleeing the scene but only before dropping some of their drugs in the process.

The 100 kilograms of ice, that was subsequently transported to Mae Ai Police Station, has an estimated street value of 100 million baht.

Photo: Chiang Rai Times