11 people injured as van runs off road in Nan

11 people were injured after a van ran off the road in Nan yesterday, Aug. 18.

The accident happened on Highway 1081 in Dong Phaya, Bo Kluea District at around 2:30 p.m.

The Bangkok-registered van is said to have lost control on a “long continuous downwards curve” crashing off the side of the road before coming to land around 30 meters down an embankment.

Four of the passengers in the van were described as being seriously injured. All, including the driver who was among the 11 injured, were transported to Bo Kluea District Hospital for treatment.

While police are investigating the cause of the accident Thai language media is citing “rain” as the cause, saying that the van driver lost control due to water on the road. The whole idea that the driver could be at fault remains a foreign concept in the Kingdom.

Photo: Tnews