12 arrested in Chiang Mai on day 17 of the coronavirus curfew

12 people were arrested overnight April 20-21 on various COVID-19 offenses on day 17 of the coronavirus curfew.

Of those arrested, six were arrested after they were discovered by San Sai Police to be having a party at a home in Moo 4 Mueang Len, San Sai.

A further four people were arrested by San Sai Police later in the evening at a home in Moo 5 San Sai Luang, San Sai.

In all cases, those in attendance were charged with a violation of the provision of Article 2, according to the Emergency Decree 2005 – the social distancing rule.

The total number of people arrested for coronavirus offenses since the introduction of the curfew in Chiang Mai now stands at 20.

Image: Chiang Mai Police Department