13-hour siege ends peacefully after man shoots neighbor in Saraphi

A 13-hour long siege ended this morning, Jan. 16 after a man shot his neighbor in Saraphi yesterday, Jan. 15.

The story starts with Mr. Kriangkrai Sukanttha, 49 from Ban Buppharam, Moo 6 Chompu shooting his neighbor, Mr. Suriyont Atmuang, 54 following a dispute at 5 p.m.

While Mr. Atmuang survived the shooting, be it taken to hospital in a serious condition, the shooter, Mr. Sukanttha barricaded himself in the second story of a house and threatened to kill anyone who attempted to arrest him.

Around 30 police surrounded the house attempting to talk Mr. Sukanttha into surrendering.

At some point during the night, Mr. Sukanttha decided to fire at police, nearly hitting a police officer who was attempting to negotiate with him. Police, in response, fired their guns in return. Nobody was injured.

The siege eventually ended around 7 a.m. when Mr. Sukanttha’s wife managed to talk him into surrendering, with police also threatening to storm the house if he didn’t.

Mr. Sukanttha is described in reports as being a drug addict for many years who had been arrested by police in the past. Of note, it’s believed that the initial shooting was due to the victim, Mr. Atmuang, having informed police that Mr. Sukanttha had been beating his wife.

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Posted by ชมรมกู้ภัยสารภี จ.เชียงใหม่ on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Photo: Thairath