13-year-old killed by police after liquor smuggler flees Phayao checkpoint

A 13-year-old boy traveling in a pickup truck was shot and killed by police yesterday, Oct. 15 after his father, the driver of the pickup truck fled a checkpoint in Phayao.

The chase began at a checkpoint in Mae Ka, Mueang Phayao when police saw a silver pickup truck spot the checkpoint, turn around then attempt to flee at around 1:30 p.m. Four police gave chase, firing on the vehicle in an attempt to get it to stop, with the boy being hit and killed on Wang Nuea-Phayao Road, Wang Nuea, Lampang, 20 kilometers from where the chase began.

The father of the deceased child, Mr. Manop Sung Khao, 40 was transporting 18 bags of untaxed distilled liquor in the rear of the pickup truck which he later told police he was delivering to relatives in Phayao. The police involved in the fatal shooting said that they had believed that the pickup truck was transporting drugs.

Along with expressing regret for the child’s death, Police Major General Thammasak Pinthong, Police General, Phayao Province has ordered a formal investigation into the shooting in order to “create fairness for both parties.” The investigation will consider whether the police tactics and decision to use firearms was warranted in the situation and whether their actions were excessive.

The investigation will also consider whether the police officers should be charged over the child’s death and/or face disciplinary proceedings.

Mr. Khao, who was released and joined by family members and police representatives to pay respects over the death (see video below), is facing a several charges of producing alcohol without permission and failing to pay tax on the alcohol.

Photo: Thairath