13M baht of gold jewelry found in abandoned bag at Chiang Mai Airport

In an odd lost property story, a security guard found an abandoned backpack with 13 million baht of gold jewelry in it at Chiang Mai International Airport yesterday, Aug. 5.

The gold, which primarily consisted of gold chains, weighed in at 10,304.49 grams of gold and was found abandoned at an x-ray point within the airport.

After discovering the gold had address labels on it, airport police contacted the owner, a local jewelry store owner, who later turned up Muaeng Chiang Mai Police Station with evidence of ownership to claim the gold back.

In an even weirder twist on the story, it turned out that the gold was being transported to Bangkok for melting down and remolding. Two backpacks of gold went through the x-ray machine but only one was claimed by an employee of the company to take onto a Bangkok-bound flight.

Photo: Matchion