15 million yaba tablets and 21kg of heroin seized in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai

Police have seized a near record 15 million yaba tablets and 21 kilograms of heroin in a number of seizures in the border regions of both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Of the four drug seizures, three occurred in Mae Ai District, Chiang Mai and one in neighboring Mae Chan District in Chiang Rai as part of a joint operation between Provincial Police Region 5, the Office of Narcotics Control and the Royal Thai Army.

Despite the arrests being in different locations, the tipoff started with one vehicle being pulled over at a checkpoint in Mae Chan with the driver telling police that he was part of a convoy traveling to Mae Ai and then on to Bangkok.

The other vehicles were caught in a Mae Ai resort, a Mae checkpoint and in a forest area in Tha Don, Mae Ai.

Six men were arrested in total – Rakchart Tansaen, 31, Angkhan Soomkhai, 37, Thiraphat Saengthai, 35, Wallop Munyaem, 350, Thanaphat Munyaem, 22, and Samart Urachuen, 54.

While the yaba tablets were packed in traditional large bags, the heroin was disguised as condiments.

All six have been remanded in custody pending a court hearing.