17-year-old arrested for transporting 110,000 yaba tablets in Chiang Rai

A 17-year-old from Uttaradit has been arrested after police and army officers in Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai stumbled across a two-vehicle convoy transporting yaba pills near the Myanmar border.

The unnamed teen was one of three people driving two vehicles when police pulled them over, with the other two suspects, believed to be adults, successfully fleeing the scene.

Along with finding 110,000 yaba tablets in 54 packages, police also seized two vehicles, both with Uttaradit registration, 3,340 baht and four mobile phones.

The capture of the teen and the drugs are part of a broader crackdown by police and the Royal Thai Army targeting the cross-border drug trade. Recent seizures and arrests in Chiang Rai include 15 million tablets and a suspect being arrested in the Mae Yen district June 4 and the mystery discovery of 11,996,000 yaba pills in an abandoned vehicle in Wiang Chai district May 23.