18 arrested for coronavirus offenses in Chiang Mai on day 11

18 people were arrested overnight April 14-15 on a number of coronavirus emergency decree offenses across Chiang Mai Province.

Three people were arrested by Chang Phueak Police for being out after 10 p.m. in breach of the coronavirus curfew.

Most other police stations have stopped sharing individual arrest numbers although some  post on Facebook about how many people they have deployed to catch offenders. For example last night San Pa Tong deployed six station police officers, three non-commissioned officers, two Sor. officers, eight village headman + administrative officers and six rescuers to look for curfew breakers. Hang Dong Police deployed 16 people into total including five police officers, 10 legal officers and one public health official.

The number arrested follows a spike the night before of 42 arrested on day 10. The total number of people across Chiang Mai Province arrested for coronavirus breaches including social distancing rules since the beginning of the curfew now stands at 402.

เมื่อวันที่ 14 เมษายน 2563 ช่วงเวลา 22.40 น. สภ.ช้างเผือก โดยอำนวยการของ พ.ต.อ.กิตติพงษ์ เพ็ชรมุณี ผกก.สภ.ช้างเผือก,…

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Photo: Hang Dong Police