18 workers injured in pickup truck rollover in Chiang Dao

18 people described as “Longan workers” have been injured after a pickup truck they were traveling in overturned in Chiang Dao district this morning, Aug. 6.

The Chiang Mai-registered Isuzu pickup truck was traveling along Chiang Mai-Fang Road on its way to Mae Taeng with the workers, primarily women to pick Longan, from Ban Nong Ong, Mueang Na when it overturned at the 2km marker at 6:30 a.m. on the Chiang Dao bypass.

The driver of the vehicle, Mr. Hing Lung, 40, said that he was driving on a downhill section of the road when the brakes failed on the vehicle.

Police are investigating. Of the 18 injured, nine of the women are said to be in a serious condition with all being taken to Chiang Dao District Hospital. Mr. Lung was described as only being slightly injured.

Update: another report claims that the driver is saying that he swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle. Either way – the workers ended up injured.