19-year-old blames slippery road for driving into the moat

A driver who managed to drive his vehicle into the Chiang Mai Moat this morning, April 5 has blamed a slippery road for the accident.

The accident occurred near the Southwest corner of the moat opposite Suan Prung Hospital in Phra Singh at around 6:10 a.m.

The unnamed male teen told police that he was taking friends to Chiang Mai International Airport from Jed Yod when he lost control on one of the moat’s u-turns.

The teen said that there was water on the u-turn and that as the vehicle started to slide he hit the accelerator instead of his break with the car ending up taking an unscheduled swim.

Neither of the three people in the car was injured although the same can’t be said for the car nor a tree the car hit on the way through.

วันที่ 5/4/62. เวลา 06.10 ศูนย์กู้ชีพเวียงพิงค์26 รับแจ้งตรวจสอบ รถยนต์ตกคูเมือง บริเวณหน้า รพ.สวนปรุง จัดรถ261…

Posted by หน่วยกู้ชีพเวียงพิงค์ 26 เชียงใหม่ on Thursday, April 4, 2019