19-Year-Old Chinese Man In Critical Condition After Big Bike Accident

At around 3.30 pm on 31st May, emergency services were called after several people witnessed an accident involving a big bike near the Huai Sai Temple in the Chiang Mai sub-district of Suthep.

Police arrived first to the scene and found a 19-year-old Chinese nation laying in the canal in critical condition.

Witnesses told how they had watched the man driving a white Ninja 650 motorcycle at a reasonable speed until he reached the bend and didn’t slow down. They expected him to brake as he was approaching the bend but he didn’t and hit the roadside barriers which caused his body to bounce into the canal.

He was rushed to the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital where he continues to receive treatment in the ICU. The man has yet to regain consciousness and the seriousness of his condition is unknown at this time.

Police officers are continuing their investigation.