2.4M yaba tablets seized as drug smugglers intercepted in Wiang Haeng

2.4 million yaba tablets have been seized after soldiers confronted a caravan of drug smugglers in Wiang Haeng early this morning.

The confrontation took place in on a route between Piang Luang and Ban Pae Sam in Piang Luang at around 12:30 a.m.

Solders from the Royal Thai Army Regiment 1 Division 4 were patrolling the area when they detected around 10 to 15 people with backpacks and weapons of an unknown type.

The caravan of drug smugglers were confronted but instead of firing at the soldiers as is not unusual in these cases they fled the scene instead, leaving some of the drugs they were transporting behind.

The total weight of the drugs seized came in at 80 kilograms.

The army along with border police will continue to patrol area, popular for drug smuggling due to its proximity to the border in the far-north of Chiang Mai Province.

ทหารบก.ควบคุมที่ 1 ฉก.ม.4กองกำลังผาเมืองยึดยาบ้านขณะกองกำลังพยายามลำเลียงเข้าพื้นที่ กว่า 2,400,000 เม็ด ยาไอซ์ 80…

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