25-year-old man arrested in Mae Ai for starting forest fires

A 25-year-old man was arrested in Mae Ai yesterday, April 3 for allegedly starting forest fires.

The accused, Mr. Yosawa Phraporn from Fang was found in Moo Pa Kha, Moo 9 Mae Sao, Mae Ai by a forest patrol on the lookout for fire starters in the area.

He was found in possession of one candle, one bottle of oil and five lighters.

He confessed to police saying that he was lighting the fires as a “prank.”

He has been charged with multiple offenses including starting a fire in a national park without permission, illegal entry into a national park and destroying or causing damage to natural resources belonging to the state.

He has been held in custody at Mae Ai Police Station pending a court hearing.

Photo: Add Fang Life