3.9M cubic meters of water reserved to avoid Chiang Mai tap water shortages

Authorities in Chiang Mai are to set aside and reserve 3.9 million cubic meters of water to avoid future tap water shortages as a drought continues to cause water shortages across the north.

The announcement came from Mr. Charin Kongsricharoen, Director of the Chiang Mai Irrigation Project who told Thai media today, July 22 that the decision had been made in light of lower water inflows due to a lack of rain upstream.

Mr. Kongsricharoen particularly noted that inflows from a canal off the Mae Taeng River, a major source for the reservoirs serving the Chiang Mai metro area, had started to rapidly decrease and baring any significant rain shortly may even run dry.

The water to be reserved to assure tap water supply includes water in the Mae Chok Luang Reservoir and Huay Tung Tao along with seven other smaller storage facilities.

While not immediately affecting the supply of water to irrigation users in the western parts of the metro area, it was implied that tap water would be a priority should water storage continue to decline.

Although not applying any legal restrictions, Mr. Kongsricharoen urged all sectors in Chiang Mai to save as much water as possible so as to assist in avoiding potential shortages.

Photo: Siamrath