380,000 yaba tablets seized from drug smugglers in Chiang Dao

Royal Thai Army officers have seized 380,000 yaba tablets after confronting drug smugglers in Chang Dao yesterday, Nov. 17.

The drug smugglers were confronted by a 4th Cavalry Task Force Unit patrol in Mueang Na at around 5 a.m.

The soldiers spotted around 10 men with backpacks walking through a ginger plantation when they demanded the men stop.

For a change, the men didn’t fire back as is typical in these cases but instead fled with the soldiers firing warning shots.

The 380,000 yaba tablets, marked 999 were found abandoned at the scene.

ทหารฉก.ม.๔ ยึดยาบ้ากว่า 380,000 เม็ด พื้นที่ ต.เมืองนะ อ.เชียงดาว เมื่อ 17พ.ย. 62ร้อย.ม.๒ฯ…

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Photo: MGROnline