4.1 earthquake strikes Doi Saket and is felt across the Chiang Mai metro area

One of the biggest earthquakes in recent times hit the Chiang Mai metro area this evening, Oct. 18.

The 4.1 on the Richter scale was recorded at 9:46 p.m. at 18.904 N, 99.252 E, just off Highway 118 near Highway 3005 through Mae Pong, Doi Saket. The Thailand Meteorological Bureau Earthquake Observation Division gave the earthquake a rare felt rating.

According to commenters on Chiang Mai News in English, the most popular Chiang Mai group for English language news, the earthquake was felt across the metro Chiang Mai area.

There are reports of the earthquake being felt in Suthep and in and around Nimman.

While the earthquake was, arguably, exciting to those new or recent to Chiang Mai, it didn’t come close to Mae Lao 6.1 earthquake in 2014. That earthquake was felt in Bangkok.