5 million yaba tablets seized following shoot out in Mae Ai

5 million yaba tablets and 10 kilograms of ketamine were seized last night, July 10 following a shoot out between drug smugglers and the Royal Thai Army in Mae Ai.

The shoot out and drug seizure occurred on the Ban Na-A-Ma route in Ban Sai Pa Sang, Mae Sao around 10:30 p.m.

Acting on a tip-off that drug smugglers were active in the area, RTA soldiers intercepted a group of 5-10 people transporting drugs. Fully armed, a shoot out then took place.

No one was killed at the scene with the drug smugglers successfully fleeing but evidence of blood was found indicating that some of the men were injured.

The body of a man believed to be one of the drug smugglers, Mr. Surach Muku, 37 was found outside a house in the area this morning, July 11.

The drugs were transported to Mae Ai Police Station for processing.