5 New COVID-19 Cases Linked To DJ Matoom After Celebrity Tests Positive

DJ Matoom Tests Positive for COVID-19

Health workers have found 5 infections related to Techin Ploypetch after the celebrity DJ tested positive for COVID-19.

Sophon Pisuthiwong, the deputy governor of Bangkok said that the positive test results were produced by swab tests conducted on all people related to Techin, better known as DJ Matoom.

The tests were carried out by City Hall’s Department of Health and related agencies.

Pol Lt Gen Pisuthiwong did not give details and called for the public to remain calm, as the patient was not considered a super-spreader.

The case has received a lot of attention since Techin revealed his diagnosis this week and urged those who might have been in contact with him to get tested.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration also found another 13 COVID-19 cases not related to DJ Matoom, all of them from active testing.

Techin, who is a DJ with GMM Grammy and an actor, was believed to have been infected on 9th January. His itinerary on that day included a birthday party at the Banyan Tree Hotel on Sathon Road.

The day before, he reportedly visited the Grammy offices. The entertainment company subsequently tested 331 employees and all the results were negative.

He posted an Instagram message saying that he met a friend on 9th January who called him on Monday about the infection.

Techin is currently being quarantined at a local hospital.

Some restaurants and other businesses in Bangkok were closed on Friday after learning that they had been visited by the celebrity around the time that he contracted the virus.