5 Prison Guards Fired For Serious Misconduct

Prisoners Pardoned By Royal Decree

The Department of Corrections will fire five officials for gross misconduct, that included a case of bribery and one of negligence that led to a sick prisoner escaping from a hospital.

A departmental general sub-committee announced the impending dismissals on Monday, saying the five officials had seriously tarnished the department’s reputation.

The names of the officials were not given.

Two were to be dismissed without any benefits, while the other three would also be sacked but would continue to receive some state benefits, said Aryut Sinthopphan, the department director-general.

One of the two fired without benefits was found to have embezzled money earned from a departmental trade fair. The other demanded a bribe from a prisoner in exchange for helping him do community service instead of tougher work and for allowing him to use a mobile phone, said Mr Sinthopphan.

Of the three officials allowed to keep some benefits, one was caught smuggling prohibited items, including tobacco, into the jail for prisoners, he said.

The other two were found guilty of failing to keep watch over a sick prisoner who was being treated in a prison hospital, he said.

Because the department’s work deals with public security, safety and law enforcement, it is crucial its officials strictly follow the law and performing their duties diligently and with utmost integrity he said. The five had to be punished, he added.