5,000 Baht COVID-19 Relief Money To Stop This Month

Relief Money

The Finance Ministry will stop transferring the 5,000 Baht COVID-19 relief money at the end this month while more than 50,000 people still have not received their payments due to remittance glitches, according to the ministry.

Payments began in April for three months, but some people failed to receive their share due to a variety of problems, such as bank accounts not set up to receive money transfers, ministry spokesman Lawaron Sangsanit said.

In April, the government launched “Rao Mai Ting Gun” or “No One Will Be Left Behind”, a scheme to disburse money to citizens, including temporary workers, contract employees and those who are self-employed, affected by the economic impact of COVID-19 and the kingdom’s lockdown measures.

Only Social Security Fund subscribers are qualified to receive the 5,000 for three months.

The last payments were supposed to have been made in June, but the money transfer problems delayed the process until now.

To date, 79.5 billion baht have reached 15.3 million recipients. However, about 56,000 subscribers have not yet received their money.

Mr Sangsanit advised those who have yet received their share to rectify the issue with their banks as soon as possible, saying the problem may have stemmed from their accounts.

The ministry will stop the money transfers on 30th September. Mr Sangsanit said the ministry has sent an alert to those whose remittance process had failed.

The ministry had tried in vain to wire the money repeatedly to many bank accounts, he said.