500,000 yaba tablets seized, four arrested at Phrao check point

Police arrested four people who were transporting 500,000 yaba tablets at a checkpoint in Phrao early yesterday, March 31.

The four people were caught at a COVID-19 checkpoint in Moo 4 Ban Pong at around 12:30 a.m. They were initially pulled aside for a temperature check when one of the police officers noticed one of the accused acting in a frightened manner. A subsequent search uncovered the yaba.

The four arrested were named as Mr. Thossaphon Phu-in, 29 from Bangkok; Ms. Supitra Chuenklin, 23 also from Bangkok; Mr. Daechai Rasilil, 38 from Phetchabun and Mr. Peerapat Nakketet, 16 from Phetchaburi.

The four were transporting the yaba to Bangkok from Chang Dao with one suspect confessing that they had been paid 130,000 baht to transport the drugs.

Along with seizing the 500,000 yaba tablets, police also seized two Bangkok-registered pickup trucks and eight mobile phones.

Photo: MGROnline