57-year-old American arrested for working without a work permit in Saraphi

A 57-year-old U.S. national was arrested by Immigration Police yesterday, Nov. 18 at a school in Saraphi for working without a work permit.

Ms. Patricia Pelin is alleged to have been working in a “famous tutoring institute” teaching English while on a tourist visa. Notably, she only came to the attention of police after a local shopkeeper, who claims to have had issues with her investigated whether she was teaching legally then dobbed her in to Immigration.

Pelin is alleged to have been living in Chiang Mai for “many years” and had someone managed to get by on tourist visas and visa-exempt entries while living here.

She’s been charged with “being an alien working without a permit or working apart from what is entitled to do.”

Immigration police are quoted as saying that she’s unlikely the only foreigner working illegally in schools in Chiang Mai and that there would be further arrests as investigations continue.

Photo: CM Immigration/Chiang Mai News