5M yaba tablets seized following pickup truck chase in Chiang Rai

Royal Thai Army soldiers have seized five million yaba tablets following a pickup truck chase in Chiang Rai last night, Dec. 16.

As these stories typically play out, soldiers, having been tipped off that drugs were being transported in the area set up a checkpoint on Highway 1089 in Pa Tueng, Mae Chan District. A pickup truck driving on the road spotted the checkpoint, turned around and attempted to flee the scene.

The soldiers gave pursuit with those driving the the pickup truck crashing it, abandoning the vehicle and then fleeing the scene in the dark in Lao Yi Moo 20 Pa Tueng.

The yaba was stored in 25 separate bags with the drugs themselves marked with 999.

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Posted by คนล้านนา on Monday, December 16, 2019

Photo: Chiang Mai News