60,000 stolen from Chiang Mai hotel

60,000 baht in cash was stolen from a hotel in the center of Chiang Mai City yesterday, March 26.

The name of the hotel was not named but it is the service area of Mueang Chiang Mai police place it likely on or near the moat.

The hotel’s owner, Mrs. Busbong Preechonon, 63 told police that the thief or thieves had accessed a room behind a customer service counter at the hotel where 160,000 baht was stored in a safe.

A picture from the scene, see below, would suggest the money may have been stored in a locked cabinet and not an actual safe.

For reasons unknown, only 60,000 baht was stolen.

Police believe that the thief or thieves were likely hotel employees who knew where the money was stored.

The investigation remains ongoing with police studying CCTV footage and taking finger prints from the scene.