82 Road Deaths & 466 Injured Over The Long Weekend Holiday

Chiang Mai Road Accident

Over the long weekend holiday, more than 400 road accidents occurred, resulting in the deaths of 82 people and injuries to 466 others, according to figures announced by the Transport Ministry yesterday.

The ministry’s final transport and accident roundup for Thursday to Sunday, a period made into a long holiday by the government, showed that there were 452 incidents on the roads and three involving the nation’s railway network.

The roundup was provided to the media as a press release.

Most of the road accidents, 78.64%, happened on straight stretches of carriageway and were attributed to speeding, with Chon Buri province recording 27, the most of any province.

While motorcycles were involved in only 153 of the 455 total incidents, they accounted for 47 deaths, more than half the overall toll.

The release also noted that the public transport system had facilitated the journeys of 10.69 million passengers which was a little over 2% more than had been predicted ahead of time.

More than 14 million vehicles, 35.31% above forecast, travelled in and out of Bangkok with 13 million privately-owned vehicles making up the majority of the traffic.


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