824,000 yaba tablets seized after drug mules intercepted in Fang

824,000 yaba tablets were seized after Royal Thai Army soldiers intercepted a convoy of drug mules on foot in Fang yesterday, Jan. 19.

Te solders from the 2nd Cavalry Task Force 4 set up several observation points near Highway 1249 in Mae Ngon, Fang when they spotted nine to 11 suspects with backpacks at around 7:30 a.m.

As these stories often turn out, the soldiers challenged the drug mules with the mules running away, abandoning some of their drugs in the process. No shooting was reported to have taken place, however.

The 824,000 yaba tablets were marked with “Y1,” differing from the usual “999” ones.

The drugs were transported to Fang Police Station.

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Photo: Chiang Mai News