Advocacy Groups Draft ‘Wellbeing Plan’ for LGBTIQN+

LGBTQ Chiang Mai

Advocacy groups and gender equality academics are drafting an LGBTIQN+ Wellbeing Strategy Plan, the country’s first master plan to deal with discrimination against gender identities that fall outside the traditional binary of masculine and feminine.

“They [LGBTIQN+ people] are constantly discriminated against and bullied in our society despite the fact they too are human and have the right to be treated fairly and equally,” Pharani Phuprasoet, director of ThaiHealth’s Office for Health Promotion in Specific Groups told a meeting in Bangkok on drafting the plan.

LGBTIQN+, according to ThaiHealth, stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, and Non-Binary gender identities that are identified outside the gender binary of masculine and feminine.

ThaiHealth held the forum to discuss the framework of the masterplan and solicit ideas from gender groups and other experts.

Likely to be finished sometime this year, the plan will be implemented from 2021-2023 as a framework for government bodies and rights groups to follow.

The strategic plan would touch on five areas, human rights protection, development of a health information database, a fair and accessible health care system, friendly workplaces and communities, and promoting good health.

Chanettee Tinnam, a lecturer with the Faculty of Communication Arts at Chulalongkorn University, said the plan focuses on reducing unfair treatment and discrimination.

“These gender groups often face fewer job opportunities and legal issues such as the law’s failure to recognise transgender people’s sexual reassignments. They are still portrayed negatively in the media,” she said.

“The ultimate goal of this plan is to enable all LGBTIQN+ people to be healthy physically, mentally and intellectually,” she said.

Among the goals is to provide healthcare with services responsive to all gender groups and counselling for these groups which are likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders.


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