Airbnb says deal coming with Thai government next week

Airbnb has say that they will announce “a breakthrough in cooperation with Thai authorities next week.”

“The partnership will be a major milestone,” spokeswoman Cheryl Tay is reported to have said at a news conference.

The American startup has been attempting to get the Thai government to change the Hotel Act to allow home and condo owners to rent their properties privately for periods shorter than 30 days. Under the act currently, short-term accommodation providers must be registered under the act to rent their properties, something that neither Airbnb nor its providers currently are, a practice already deemed illegal by the government.

Exactly what the “partnership” and “breakthrough” is was not specified. In some places, such as the Australian state of New South Wales, a compromise between Airbnb and the state government allows Airbnb accommodation owners in Sydney who don’t live in the property to rent out their condos or houses for no longer than 180 day per year with a code of conduct in place that can result in owners being banned if those they rent to partake in bad behavior.

The company is said to have 60,000 listings in Thailand which have earned revenues of 4 billion baht for users in Thailand over the last 12 months.

Photo: opengridscheduler/Flickr