All malls and non-essential services ordered shutdown in Chiang Mai from 6 p.m. March 23

Chiang Mai Governor Mr. Charoenrit Sanguansat has ordered the shutdown of shopping centers/ malls and other non-essential outlets starting from 6 p.m. March 23 following in the footsteps of Bangkok that ordered the same shutdown for the capital yesterday, March 21.

The ban is in place until April 13 but could be extended depending on the status of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Notably, supermarkets, food markets, banks and pharmacies are exempted and can also open within shopping centers. Restaurants can continue to trade but only for takeaway or home delivery.

The full list of places closed under the ban as follows noting that some on the list had already been ordered closed earlier in the week.

  •  restaurants (except for home delivery and takeaways); restaurants in hotels are only allowed to cater to hotel guests.
  • Shopping centers/malls with the exception of supermarkets, shops selling consumer goods, pharmacies and restaurants for takeaways
  • dining sections of convenience stores
  • markets and flea markets except those that sell perishable food, dried food, takeaway food, pet food, basic necessities and pharmacies
  • barbershops and beauty salons
  • tattoo and piercing shops
  • skating rinks, rollerblading arena and similar venues
  • amusement of theme parks; bowling or gaming machines
  • gaming and internet cafes
  • golf courses and driving ranges
  • public swimming pools
  • cockfighting rings
  • amulet trading markets and centers
  • tradie fair and exhibition centers
  • all educational institutions
  • weight-loss centers and cosmetic clinics
  • health service centers such as spas, traditional and beauty massge
  • pet grooming/spa shops and pet hotels
  • massage parlors
  • baths and saunas
  • theaters and cinemas
  • fitness centers
  • pubs, bars and similar entertainment
  • boxing stadiums and boxing training
  • sports venues
  • horse racing courses

Any violation of the ban is subject to a fine of 100,000 baht and up to one year in jail.

Photo: PR Chiang Mai