All resorts in Mon Cham ordered closed due to forest encroachment

There will be no more glamping or similar activities in Mon Cham in Mae Raem, Mae Rim in the future with all resorts ordered closed due to forest encroachment.

The drama started in December when reports online noted that glamping sites and related buildings had more than tripled in the area and yet not a single piece of additional land had been purchased nor had approval been given.

Initial surveys found at least some of the resorts had been built illegally on protected forest land with all of them now found to have been built illegally.

Seven places had already been ordered closed at their owners prosecuted – Monchai Homestay, Mon Doi Loi Fa, Ban Tha Chan, Mon Chor, Mon Muan, Rai Nai and Mon Saeng Siri Chanthra. The 11 remaining have now joined the initial seven.

For the bonus round, Sanook reports that none of the places at Mae Cham had applied for a hotel license either.

A spokesperson for some of the owners claimed that order was discrimination as the land had been traditionally owned by locals before being declared a protected forest area. Concern was also raised for tourists who have already made bookings at the various resorts.

Photo: Sanook