Ancient Lanna artifacts found in Chom Thong forest

A forest protection unit has uncovered ancient artifacts in a remote forest site in Doi Mae Soi, Chom Thong, Chiang Mai.

The artifacts were found at what appears to have once been a small settlement dating from around the 13th century within what is now the Op Luang National Park. Found at the site were stacked bricks similar to that of the base of an old wall and broken crockery and other items believed to have been created in the era of King Ramkhamhaeng, the ruler of the Sukhothai Kingdom from 1279–1298.

That said, Lanna script was found on a number of the items, suggesting that the settlement or outpost may have been part of the Lanna Empire at the time.

Forestry protection staff, along with archeological experts, are reported to be continuing to investigate the area for further artifacts.