Ancient skeletons unearthed in San Pa Tong archaeological dig

As many as 23 ancient human skeletons have been unearthed as part of an archaeological dig currently underway by the Fine Arts Office District 7 in San Pa Tong.

The dig is being undertaken behind a chedi at Wat Wiang Tha Kan in Ban Tha Kan, Moo 3 Ban Klang, near a site where other ancient human remains were found during a similar archaeological dig in 2012.

The site is believed to be part of the ancient Wiang Tha Kan city which was a fortress of the Hariphunchai Kingdom, a kingdom centered on modern day Lamphun. The Mon kingdom existed from 629 AD through to 1292 AD when it was besieged and captured by Mangrai, the founder of the Lanna Kingdom.

The human skeletons, along with that of a horse, are believed to be at least 1,000 years old, dating them to the 11th century. The skeletons were found to be laying pointing to the west and northwest, with the backs of their knees bent, suggesting a ceremonial burial.

The skeletons will undergo DNA testing in order to determine their age with the youngest believed to be a child of around two. There were no obvious signs of the cause of death.

Photo: NNT