Another minor earthquake rattles Chiang Rai

In the latest in a growing list of minor seismic activity, another earthquake has struck Mae Lao in Chiang Rai this morning.

The earthquake, or tremor, struck at 2:37 a.m. at 19.81, 99.76 degrees – per the map near Wat Rong Khun, the so-called White Temple that Chiang Rai is well known for and registered at 2.1 on the Richter scale at a depth of 2 kilometers.

The new earthquake follows a 3.6 earthquake in Chai Prakan May 31 and another quake in Mae Lao June 3.

In some cases, a series of minor earthquakes can be a forerunner to a major earthquake. The largest earthquake in Thai history, 6.1, stuck Mae Lao on May 5, 2014.