Army Building Temporary Camps For Myanmar Nationals Fleeing Violence

Myanmar Protesters

Thailand’s army is building temporary camps in Ranong and Chumphon provinces for Myanmar nationals fleeing political violence, as the death toll among protesters opposed to the military coup there continues to escalate.

Maj Gen Santi Sakuntak, commander of the Thep Satri Task Force, said on Monday that  Muang, La-un and Kra Buri districts in Ranong and Tha Sae district in neighbouring Chumphon have been designated as areas for temporary shelters.

He said Thailand would accept them on humanitarian grounds and send them back after the situation returns to normal, instead of setting up permanent refugee camps at the border.

Protests against the military junta in Myanmar have turned deadly since the 1st February coup, with dozens of demonstrators killed on Sunday. The military regime imposed martial law in two townships in Yangon.

Thailand shares a 2,400 kilometre land border with Myanmar.

About 50 people were reported killed when troops and police opened fire on protesters in various areas on Sunday. Most deaths were in Yangon.

Protesters are demanding the release of ousted civilian leader Aung San Kyi.

She heads the National League for Democracy (NLD) which saw a landslide victory in elections last November.

The military detained most of the NLD leadership after the coup, alleging voter fraud. No proof has been provided.

Ms Suu Kyi has been held at an unknown location since the coup began on 1st February coup. She is due to face a slew of charges her supporters say are fabricated.

On Monday, she was due to appear in court, but the virtual hearing was adjourned due to internet problems.


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