Army sergeant shot three soldiers before targeting Mae Rim 7-Eleven

It has been revealed that the Royal Thai Army sergeant that took staff hostage at a 7-Eleven in Mae Rim then shot himself early yesterday, Oct. 15 shot three soldiers earlier the same evening.

According to reports, Sergeant Major Phongphan Kunhong, 37 is said to have had been in a dispute with solders under his command at an army training facility in Mae Rim before opening fire on them.

None of the soldiers were killed with one being shot in the foot, another in the right thigh and another in the thumb. All three soldiers were taken to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for treatment.

The motivation behind the dispute and subsequent hostage-taking is still not clear with the only suggestion still being that he was suffering from depression.

At the time of writing, the Royal Thai Army is said to have not commented with an internal investigation underway.

Photo: Sanook