Army Warns Myanmar Over Firing Mortar Shots Onto Thai Soil

Apichet Suesat

The Thai Army will submit a letter to warn its Myanmar counterpart against firing mortar shots onto Thai soil.

Third Army commander Lt Gen Apichet Suesat, who oversees Thai-Myanmar border security, said he will submit the letter through the Thai-Myanmar Border Committee demanding Myanmar troops not extend their operations into Thai territory in future.

His move came after the Myanmar army yesterday afternoon shot three mortars over the border and hit Ban Tha Ta Fang in tambon Mae Yuam, Mae Sariang district of Mae Hong Son province.

“We warned them by firing a smoke bomb over the border and then they stopped firing,” Lt Gen Suesat said.

There were no injuries as the mortars hit unpopulated areas near the riverbank, he said. An army source said it is likely Myanmar soldiers believed Karen National Union forces had fled across the border.