Arrest warrant issued for Serbians who tried to rob Chang Phueak ATM

Chang Phueak police have issued an arrest warrant for two Serbian men who attempted to break into a Bangkok Bank ATM in the grounds of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Chang Phueak June 28.

The arrest warrant names Mr. Nennose Koskic and Mr. Lafni Klyid, both Serbian nationals, as being wanted on a charge of attempted burglary.

Both men were said to have been identified using CCTV footage which showed the criminal masterminds exiting a car that had been rented in one of their names nearby the ATM as well as approaching the ATM itself.

The two men attempted to use a blowtorch to gain entry to the ATM but failed in their efforts.

It’s unknown if the men are still in the country with police asking immigration police to trace their whereabouts. Both are said to have entered Thailand on a single entry tourist visa.