Arrests made as pick pocket, bag snatch gangs target Yi Peng

Three people have been arrested as foreign pick pocket and bag snatch gangs have targeted Thai and foreign tourists during the 2019 Yi Peng celebrations in Chiang Mai.

Two Vietnamese nationals – Mr. Ha Van Trong, 39 and Mr. Do Dinh Trock, 32 were arrested by Mueang Chiang Mai Police yesterday, Nov. 11 on allegations of theft, using stolen cards and entering the Kingdom without permission.

The pair, arrested outside of a hotel on Wau Lai Road, Haiya are alleged to have pickpocketed a 40-year-old Japanese tourist near the Thapae Gate Nov. 10. The pair were caught on CCTV opening the backpack of the Japanese tourist and stealing his wallet. The victim himself only became aware of the theft after receiving an alert from his bank that his card had been used at a store in Central Festival.

In a separate arrest, an unnamed Cambodian national was arrested in relation to a number of pickpocketing cases and bag snatches from both Thai and foreign victims at Saturday and Sunday Walking Street as well as at the Yi Peng celebrations.

Victims include an American tourist who reported having had their smartphone pick pocketed.

Suspecting that the man was not working alone, police and Chiang Mai Municipality are warning that a Cambodian gang is active in the city at the moment and targeting Thai, Chinese and farang tourists.

Image: Mueang CM Police