As the north bakes, village in Omkoi runs out of water

While hot season is traditionally hot in the north, this year has been particularly hot with next to no rain as of today, May 6.

The lack of rain is exacerbating drought conditions and has finally claimed a victim – a village in Omkoi that has run out of water.

Ban Yang Kiang – located on Highway 1009 in Tambon Yiang Pang in the south of Chiang Mai Province near the Tak border is reported to have run out of water last week.

Local authorities have already deployed emergency water supplies to local residents.

It’s not entirely clear but it would appear that the village relied on a local water source for its tap water that has subsequently dried up in the heat.

The village may not the be last to run out of water before wet season kicks in with the Ping River itself nearly running dry at several points downstream from the Chiang Mai Metro Area with Doi Tao lake being reported to be empty.

The Ping notably flows down stream to feed into Bhumibol Dam, both Thailand’s biggest dam and a major source of hydroelectric power production for the entire country.