Aunty arrested for stealing lottery tickets from disabled seller in Si Phum

A 62-year-old aunty has been arrested after she stole lottery tickets from a disabled seller in Si Phum Jan. 8.

The theft took place from the disabled seller while she was selling the tickets on Arak Road in Si Phum outside the “Happy Shop” at 1:29 p.m. – broad daylight.

Police used CCTV footage to track the thief, described by Thai media as a “big girl with chubby shape wearing a black cap” to an address on Mueang Sumut Road in Chang Moi where they arrested Mrs. Nang Mui Thiang Saeng yesterday, Dec. 9.

Along with the arrest of Mrs. Saeng, police also seized 228 stolen Thai lottery tickets as well as the hat she was wearing at the time of the theft.

She has been charged with possesion of stolen goods and theft of property.

Photo: Chiang Mai Police