Auspicious golden eel draws crowds in Phayao

Villagers and people from surrounding areas have been flocking to see an auspicious golden eel caught in a net in Phayao.

The auspicious eel, believed to be lucky, was caught in a waterway in Moo 16 Mae Na Ruea, Mueang Phayao yesterday, Oct. 9.

Mr. Chantaree, 66 said he was fishing for eel when he pulled in the golden eel, described as being 20 centimeters long and naturally gold in color be it with some red highlights – sort of a strawberry blond eel. Asian swamp eels (Monopterus albus) are typically black or a dark color.

According to reports, those visiting the eel were hoping to gain good luck while the family of Mr. Chantaree believes that the auspicious eel means they are set for a period of good fortune.