Auspicious tree trunk attracts locals in Phrae ahead of lottery draw

An auspicious tree trunk has attracted hundreds of people in Phrae looking for lucky numbers ahead of the next Thai Lottery draw.

Located in the grounds Wat Nantaram, Moo 1 Mae Yom, Mueang Phrae, the lucky log was first discovered on the bed of a river during dredging works in 2014.

The log itself is identified as a “Takhian tree” and measures 23 meters and at its widest is 5 meters.

The Tahkian in its name refers to a female spirit that manifests itself as a woman that haunts Hopea odorata trees.

Apparently, the spirit also predicts lottery numbers.

According to Thai language media, people as far away as Sukhothai and Uttaradit have traveled in Phrae just to visit the auspicious tree.

The next Thai Lottery draw is scheduled for Feb. 1.