Autopsy finds Chiang Mai Zoo panda died of heart failure

Chuang Chuang, the panda that died at Chiang Mai Zoo Sept. 16 died of heart failure according to the finally released autopsy results today, Oct. 8.

The autopsy found that other than the heart failure that led to Chuang Chuang’s death, the health of the panda was fine with no external wounds and no foreign matter in its bronchi. The latter is notable due to rumors that the panda may have suffocated to death by consuming foreign material.

Chinese citizens, be them most likely 50 Cent Army, slammed Chiang Mai Zoo at the time of the death, claiming among other things that the zoo had fed Chuang Chuang the wrong types of bamboo and that Thailand was not suitable for pandas.

While not to blame for the death of the panda, Thailand will be paying compensation to China under the “Agreement between the Zoological Park Organization and the Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association of the People’s Republic of China.”

Lin Hui, the last remaining panda at Chiang Mai Zoo remains with no suggestion that she may be repatriated to China.